Today, January 19th, at 6 pm PST: I will reveal the A-Z Joint Venture Formula! One-Time Only in 2010!


In this Joint Venture Boot Camp Preview Teleseminar, I will give you the joint venture formula and tools you can immediately implement this week and obtain results for your business. Guaranteed!

For the last 13 years, my company, Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs get their business off to a fast start to profits. I know the odds are against you in business.

Over 95% fail within the first five years and I want to help you beat the odds. The best way is to master this powerful marketing strategy, called joint ventures (or any type of leverage with relationships to benefit each other).

The subject of joint ventures, strategic alliances and host beneficiary relationships is a passion of mine! I have worked for years and modeled the best in the world, from Jay Abraham to large corporations on how to, step by step; develop these highly leveraged relationships to bring massive profits to your business!

I will hold nothing back and give you everything I can to help you with this powerful strategy on January 19th.

This is a ONE-TIME Teleseminar and it’s FREE.

If you miss this… it can be very, very costly! Here is what you will learn and be able to immediately implement for results in your business, Tuesday night at 6 pm PST:
* What are the two most important questions you must ask to open your mind and open the flood gates to joint venture opportunities! Ask the wrong questions and you will not get the results you are looking for and will waste a lot of time and money!

* What are the 5 key tools you must have to implement your joint ventures and how to develop a turnkey experience for your joint venture partners!

* As you know, the fortune is in the follow up and you will learn the best approach to turn on, not off your joint venture partners!!

* Plus, more language and psychological strategies to put a lot more profit in your business in 2010 and beyond!

Learn all this and more with a jam-packed, fast paced joint venture strategy session! One distinction can change your business life, and you will learn over 20 in one hour…This is a MUST for anyone who is serious about their business!

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Don’t Miss (this one-time only) The Special The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp Preview Teleseminar!

January 19th Teleseminar Details:

Host: Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate
Planners, Inc. and Fast Business Credit, Inc. Your
Host of
(January 29-31st in Las Vegas)!

Day/Time: Tuesday  January 19th at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST

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Dedicated to your success!
Scott Letourneau
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