U.S. Entity Complete Formation Video and Mistakes to Avoid


If you or someone you know is looking to form a U.S. entity for your global e-commerce business, this video will be a big help.

You will want to watch our new video on our process, tools, support, and packages because you will learn what is really involved in the process. The biggest costly mistakes to avoid will be very clear.

If are still selling on Amazon.com FBA or on any e-commerce platform in the U.S., or looking to protect your assets from your home country with a U.S. entity, our U.S. entity formation video will be very helpful.

U.S. Entity Video

Before forming a U.S. entity watch the video on this page.

Here are some of the big reasons you may want to form a U.S. entity:

Perhaps you have been selling in the U.S. and have never collected or remitted sales tax. Although you are hoping it will go away, that is not likely to happen. This is largely due to the June 2018, U.S. Supreme Court Case, Wayfair vs South Dakota. This case has opened the floodgates for other states to require sales tax to be collected even if you have no physical presence.

You may have found yourself way behind on sales tax and don’t have the cash flow to catch up and register under your current entity. Perhaps you are considering launching another product or brand and want to diversify your risk. You may want to put that brand and product under a new U.S. company, one that is not so behind on sales tax. This is where we are able to help.

After the formation, moving forward, our sister brand, SalesTaxSystem.com will help you with sales tax compliance. You will find if you don’t already know, that having a U.S. bank account is very beneficial.

Which leads to this point.

Why having a U.S. Bank Account will Save You $1K per Month with Sales Tax Compliance.

As you know, as a foreign seller remitting sales tax is a challenge without a U.S. bank account. This means there is no ability to do an ACH with the remitting companies like Taxjar® or Taxify. As well as this, you have to pay a higher fee for a manual return to be filed and pay the states separately for sales tax.

There are two options, form a U.S. company (which has other benefits) or consider our latest option to establish a U.S. bank account (if you are able to travel to Florida). Both of which will save you about $1K PER MONTH with remitting sales tax returns if you have stock in about 15 states or more (FBA).

When selling to the U.S. market you may have considered forming a U.S. company for all the benefits incorporated. This includes more sales, easier to sell your business, strong U.S. brand etc…

We have updated our U.S. video covering our NEW packages, prices, process and time frame PLUS an option to pay in two payments to support your cash flow.

BRAND NEW VIDEO Overview of What a COMPLETE U.S. COMPANY FORMATION looks like and what should be included! Go here to watch.

Click on this link to discover our best U.S. formation packages.

Go to page 4 on the PDF above and pick one of our THREE packages to get started with your U.S. company. This package includes our U.S. bank account service and we have an option for you to open the bank account in Las Vegas.

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