Watch this FIRST, Before Forming an LLC or Corporation


If you’re looking to form an LLC or corporation you must watch my BRAND NEW training to help you learn the 5 Essential Components of a Complete Business Foundation.

Why is this so important? Here’s what my friend, Attorney Lee Philips, said about businesses that rely on online articles of incorporation as their only form of legal protection:

“We slice through those in 15 minutes in court and go after the individual every time. That piece of paper provides NO protection!”

This is a direct quote from a legal expert, a counselor to the U.S. Supreme Court who has tried many cases representing plaintiffs. His courtroom experience has shown him that most business owners have no clue what complete formation entails.

Over the last 17 years my company, NCP, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch with confidence. Our COMPLETE FORMATION PROCESS ensured that they were starting out with more than just a flimsy piece of paper that provided no protection.

Lee’s comments inspired me to take our training to the next level – we want every NCP client to be CLEAR beyond all doubt what it takes to form a complete and secure business foundation. The result is my  BRAND NEW training called, the 5 Essential Components for a Complete Business Foundationand now you get access to it for FREE (for a limited time).

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Length: 58 minutes

Host: Scott Letourneau, CEO Of NCP


You may be shocked to discover that your existing LLC or corporation may offer NO protection for you or your financial future. Here’s what you’ll learn in this valuable webinar:

  • Have you already incorporated? Find out why accountants, lawyers or tax specialists sometimes give the WRONG incorporation advice to small business owners.
  • Think incorporating is too expensive? Many are surprised to learn how affordable it is to form a complete entity that’s certain to protect you and stand up to IRS scrutiny.
  • Too busy to get it done this year? Find out why it can cost you more in taxes and nearly double your paperwork if you wait until January to make your business official.
  • Waiting to see how your business does before you incorporate? Let your partners and customers know that you’re serious about success – protect your profits now!

In less than one hour, I’ll get you up to speed on things that most entrepreneurs take years to learn (if they get them right at all, even with the best professionals on retainer). I’ll give you the straight story on why the IRS specifically goes after certain types of small businesses and what you can do to hang on to what’s yours. Every strategy is field-proven by entrepreneurs around the world.

Establishing your goals for the new year? Don’t start the year with a shaky foundation and attempt to build wealth on top of it. Nothing is worse than achieving success and then losing it all to some hidden – and preventable – threat in the future.

Go here to register for my BRAND NEW training. Feel free to forward this invitation and share it with your friends, colleagues and professional advisors – they’re welcome to join us too!

Especially if you already have an LLC or corporation I would strongly recommend you watch my new training to make sure you’re in compliance – and what to do if you’re NOT so you can protect yourself before it’s TOO LATE!

Here’s just a brief taste of what you’ll learn on the webinar:

  • Why a sole proprietorship is the most costly and risky structure for your business (and why it is costing you JV opportunities).
  • Why waiting to form a new LLC could mean extra taxes.
  • Why your professional advisors are NEVER on the same page.
  • Why the IRS specifically targets schedule C filers for audits
  • How to be confident that you’re operating as a business (not a hobby) by IRS standards
  • How and LLC is taxed and what factors must you consider before filing.
  • Which state is really best for your business and what does not work (no one online will tell you this information).
  • How to put more money in your own pocket instead of losing it to the IRS (and why your CPA will not help).
  • How to secure funding to grow your business and what really works.
  • The fastest, most cost effective way to grow your business ever, PERIOD!

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