What Does NCP Have to Offer That Other Entity-Forming Services Do Not?


Nevada Corporate Planners is in its twelfth year in business. In that time we have worked with more than 5,000 business clients!

NCP is used exclusively in Nevada by nationally-renown attorneys, such as:

NCP develops tools to keep you on track. You’re going into business to do what you do best, NOT to become a corporate or LLC expert.  That’s our job.  NCP sends you key reminders via e-mail during the first six weeks of your business to keep you and your new entity on track.  Plus, you receive tax e-mails at important times throughout the year to ensure you’re in compliance.  You’ll also find our extensive “Members Only” section invaluable for keeping abreast of every step in the corporate protocol process.

NCP constantly updates its research. What does the IRS say about S-corporation salaries versus distributions? Is the charging order still powerful? What’s the latest on trusts? How can you best protect your residence? You’ll be on top of the latest information and research about your business and how to protect your financial future.

NCP provides business support after formation. Most business owners think the most difficult part of forming their new entity is determining which structure to choose, in which state, and when to get started. The truth is, that’s only the beginning! NCP’s PROACTIVE support is the key to getting your business off to a fast, successful start during those critical first 90 days. You’ll receive follow up calls and e-mails, plus a comprehensive walk-through of your corporate or LLC record book.

NCP surprises you with frequent bonuses. We believe that you deserve — and should get — more than just what you pay for, and we know that it’s is in our best interest to see you succeed.  That’s why we give you many powerful bonuses after you become a client.  Just for starters, you’ll learn all about asset protection with the latest book by a top U.S. attorney.  Marketing genius Jay Abraham’s transcripts then teach you how to exponentially grow your business (and at $5,000 an hour, Jay knows what he’s talking about!)  With gifts like these (and many more) you’ll be fully armed for whatever the business world throws at you.

NCP has many happy, successful clients. When all is said and done, it all comes down to results — consistent, ongoing success. Virtually every website has testimonials, but NCP is one of the few that date our testimonials.  Why?  We want you to know that our many success stories from satisfied clients continue to come in, week after week.

How Does NCP Compare to The Competition?

I actually encourage you to compare! I want you to feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the best value for your money, and the best support and commitment to help see you succeed!

The key is to compare “apple to apples.”  It’s hard to know the questions to ask until you have a grasp on the big picture of what to expect from truly great professional service.  To help you, I have assembled a list of criteria… listed in the xt blog post.

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