You have an 87% Chance of Forming the WRONG ENTITY…


Which entity type gives you the BEST protection for your business and personal assets? Which one helps you pay the lowest legal taxes now and later? Here are the most common options:

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. C Corporation

3. S Corporation

4. Limited Partnership

5. LLC Taxed as a disregarded entity

6. LLC Taxed as an S corporation

7. LLC Taxed as a C Corporation

8. LLC Taxed as a Partnership

With a minimum of 8 options, there’s at least an 87.5% chance the one you choose is wrong for your business. That can lead to costly and time consuming problems that can threaten the survival of your business. Why guess when it comes to protecting everything you’ve worked for?

The conflicting answers you get from paid professionals like attorneys, accountants or tax planners can often be as misleading as guesswork. Good legal advice might have adverse tax implications. Making the choice on your tax position alone might leave your intellectual property at risk. You may be as frustrated as I was trying to get a clear answer that takes your whole business into consideration and addresses the big picture.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t find out that they’ve made the wrong choice until AFTER they lose assets in a business or personal lawsuit or get decimated by the IRS in an audit. The exposure is just as risky whether you’re just starting out or worth $25 million or more. I’ve consulted with thousands over the years and seen virtually every mistake in the book. Yes, some do get lucky and get away with the wrong structure, but even if they escape an expensive lawsuit, most have no clue how much they’ve wasted over the years in overpaid taxes.

If the future of your business matters to you, it’s time to STOP guessing and educate yourself with my authoritative and field-tested training. It’s called “Discovering which Entity and State is Best to Protect You and Your Business” and I’m making it available to you absolutely free… not because this course doesn’t offer measurable value…

(Frankly, my consulting clients gladly pay hundreds of dollars for this kind of information… heck… many professionals prize this incorporation road map simply because it boosts their confidence and credibility in front of their own clients.)

…I’m offering this training to you free of charge because I’ve seen it work for others and I want you to benefit from these proven strategies. If I can earn your trust by helping you protest your business and personal assets now, I’m confident you’ll want to come back and do business with NCP later when you’re ready put the right structure in place for your business.

All you have to do is go to and enter your name and email.

Yep, I’m asking you to give up your email address to build a proven firewall around your current and future net worth… I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty fair trade.

Will you receive follow up emails? Yes, and the best part is they’re filled with other practical strategies you can use to protect your financial future. I’ve never had to resort to obscure marketing tactics to build NCP. We’ve done just fine over the years giving people simple answers and a clear perspective on how to build and protect their net worth.

I love helping people sleep better at night knowing that their assets are safe and their families are protected. Many times all it takes is one or two little shifts to make all the difference between keeping your wealth or losing all of it.

Enjoy the free training! If I’m able to help in any way please call me at my office at 1-888-627-7007 (outside the U.S: 001-702-367-7373).

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