Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting All You Want Out of Both!


Wow! What a powerful, business changing call tonight… I have been doing this
for 12 years this one is a must to download and listen to tonight…

Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting all You Want out of Both!

My interview with David Shepherd the President of Designing Profits, Inc.!

Here are the first four of the eight steps…
1.Preparing for change
2.Doing less, making more!
3.Ideal Customers!
4.Growing roots, switching costs!

Listen to the audio below for the complete 8 steps and how to get the most out
of your own business and life!

Download the 70 minute business changing interview now:

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Learn to…Do Less and Make More!

Here is a quick snapshot of David’s bio:

David P. Shepherd, President and CEO of Designing Profits, Inc.
David is a best selling author and for the past fifteen years has served on the
faculty of one of the nation’s leading business schools–the McCombs School of
Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He has presented to and worked
with over 5,000 small business owners and has founded and run his own small
businesses for which he raised several million dollars in venture capital.