Your Entity Formation Support Partner Must Meet These Criteria, Too


Nevada Corporate Planners wants you and your company to have the most protection, security and business advantage possible for your new corporation or LLC.  Call us at 1-877-515-0505, and let us show you how we can help you.  But whether you become our client or not, consider these points in your choice of strategic partners in this all-important decision process:

Seven Criteria the Company You Choose Must Meet

BEFORE You Let Them Form Your
Next Corporation or LLC!

  1. Look for a company that will ask you questions to determine the best entity for your situation—before they quote you a price! Imagine seeing your doctor for a physical.  He walks in the room, says hello and goodbye as he hands you a prescription — and never gives you an exam!  You might as well have diagnosed yourself by the “dartboard method.”
  1. Look for a company that understands—and will explain to you—multi-state taxation rules. These rules affect the state(s) in which your entity will have to register so you can do business. Beware of companies that tout tax savings in a tax-free state when you live and operate your day-to-day business in another state. States like Nevada do have powerful benefits, but tax savings are not typically one of them unless you live and work in Nevada.
  1. Look for a company that fully discusses your situation with you, so you know you’re making the best decision about which entity will maximize your outcome. Your “exam” should involve many in-depth, tailored questions, rather than a following a “cookie-cutter” approach. What cures someone else is not necessarily what will cure you!  Remember, if you’re looking for “easy”… if you’re looking for minimal effort – expect proportional results—or worse.

  1. Look for a company that knows the subtleties. Ask them why 71% of all C-corporations, if audited, would pay 35% tax on all profits earned, along with hefty penalties and interest that might cripple their businesses.  Does the company you’re considering know why? Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-877-515-0505 and

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